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Solving Fibonacci efficiently with Elixir


Defining the solution in Math

Simple Solution

defmodule Experiments do
def fib(0), do: 0
def fib(1), do: 1
def fib(n), do: fib(n-1) + fib(n-2)

Better Solution

defmodule Experiments do    defp comp_fib(0), do: [0 | 0]
defp comp_fib(1), do: [1 | 0]
defp comp_fib(n) do
[h | t] = comp_fib(n-1)
[h+t | h]…

A story about my experiments in implementing convolution in Julia and what I learned from it.

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Why Julia?

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Zero-cost Abstraction Principle

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Blue/Green Deployment on ECS

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Yosi Pramajaya

Tech Lead, Cloud Architect, Machine Learning Practicioner

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